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Described as being "A young Tom Cruise look-a-like with the soul of Grover", Jack The Sax Davies is a 22 year-old contemporary jazz artist, saxophonist and composer from London, England with a unique musical identity and personal sonic pallet that makes one "stop and listen". 

 Jack started his musical career as the first junior student accepted for saxophone lessons, usually reserved for seniors only, while attending Ibstock Place School, a private school located in South West London. This accomplishment was further rewarded at the tender age of 12 when Jack was awarded a music bursary on the alto saxophone after entering their Senior School. Apart from his music lessons, Ibstock Place School gave him a firm footing and well-rounded education which is a necessary for anyone yearning to succeed in the ever-evolving world of the music industry.

While attending Ibstock Jack was made first saxophone chair in their many musical ensembles. During this time Jack was given the opportunity to perform at the Bulls Head Jazz Club in Barnes, realizing his love of performing to live audiences.


Three years later Jack was awarded a scholarship to attend the Five Week Summer Course at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston U.S.A  Surrounded by students from all corners of the globe, musicians brought together who are of a very high standard and their performances even higher. This was the seal of approval for what he wanted to do and where he wanted to be. On his return to London Jack finished his exams and took the next step with his plans for his musical career, The BRIT School For Performing Arts And Technology.

 Jack's first love is smooth jazz, although he is just at home playing all genres to hip-hop to funk to reggae. The Brit School gave him the opportunity to explore everything every genre had to offer, including many solo and group performances during their frequent live shows. While attending the BRIT School Jack obtained his Diploma in Jazz Saxophone Performance awarded from the London College of Music (LCM). Jack is a very open-minded musician and took in everything they had to offer. This was reflected in 2014 when Jack was one of the top graduates from the prestigious BRIT School for Performing arts and technology.


After graduating the BRIT Jack went on a gap year, however rather than travelling or gallivanting around Europe he decided to make his time worth while by working as a professional musician on the UK music scene. In Spring 2015 Jack co-produced rapper Che Lingo’s EP “The Risk Is Proof” as well as recording parts on saxophone, piano, EWI and key-bass. In that same year Jack was invited to play alongside Kim Waters an American contemporary jazz artist and RnB producer at the world famous Pizza Express Jazz Club on Dean Street, London during the finale of his UK tour.  

Jack played piano and saxophone for Indie-pop band Young-Native, and in 2016 performed at Warner Music Studios with them in June 2016 to record their first EP with Warner. Additionally in spring of 2017 Jack performed with American saxophonist Jeff Kashiwa at Sculler’s Jazz Club in Boston as part of the “Cole and Kash” tour. In 2017 Jack played saxophone on Reprezent Radio DJ Melle Brown’s debut electronic album “Blossom.” 



 At present Jack is studying saxophone performance at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music however in his free time he enjoys jamming with friends as well assisting them with Berklee-related projects and recording sessions. 


Jack has performed along side several artists in the smooth jazz and pop genres including; Smooth Jazz musicians; Jeff Kashiwa, Steve Cole, Kim Waters, Richard Elliot, Arturo Tappin, Jessy J, Paul Brown, Oli Silk, Otto Williams, Mark Jaimes (Simply Red) Robin Bibi (Rock/Blues Guitarist) .Additionally has also entered the realms of pop music and is featured on the album "My Back Pages" by singer-songwriter Murray Head. In 2014 Jack was given the memorable opportunity to a one to one jam session with his musical idol Kenny G on his world tour.


Jack 'The Sax' Davies is a multi-instrumentalist, performing on soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. Additionally he plays the Akai EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) and Jazz Piano.


Jack is very close to certain charities especially concerning young people and likes to support them by performing. As he was born premature he is a 'graduate 'of the Born2soon Premature baby charity run by the Kingston Hospital in South West London. He has performed at their Summer Ball as well as at their Christmas events to not only support by raising money but also help raise the parents moral and as a 'graduate' of the unit, to prove to them that their child too can overcome their difficult start in life. Additionally he has previously been involved with the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability in Putney South West London. Patients in this hospital include many young people who have been involved in road traffic accidents or serious accidents that have now left them with severe head injuries. The musical concerts he has been involved with have proved to have a huge uplifting effect with the both patients and their visiting families. Jack performed at the Anthony Nolan charity event held by David Patrick Hairdressing at The David Lloyd Centre in Epson, Surrey.