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I began playing records and trying to mix at about the age of 14 (which was a long time ago!). A few friends had Technics turntables, so I would have a go whenever possible. I bought records I liked at the time, which varied from Soul, R&B, to Hardcore and Drum a Bass. I was a ‘Bedroom DJʼ for many years, just practicing and practicing.

It was the early UK House a Garage sound that influenced my Sound, circa 1994-95 that opened my ears to House Music, and record labels such as NiceʼNʼRipe (and all sub-labels), Azuli, Strictly Rhythm, Positiva, AM:PM, and many more.

My favourite has to be Deep and Soulful House (and Iʼm talking the original Deep House!), if you listen to my show, you’ll know I love vocal tracks, emotional music, with lyrics that people can relate to. That’s what my ‘M.E.M Mondays show and ‘Mixed Emotions series of mixes are all about.