150 Mile Club!

A few days ago I got a Facebook notification inviting me to join the 150 Mile Club.

My friend and fellow DJ in Chicago, IL had invited me to join a fitness community that has become my newest and latest obsession!

For this post I will refer to him as J! Here is the wonderful welcoming message from him and as admin, he outlines the intention of the 150 Mile Club.

"The goal of this group is 150 miles a month, not daily, weekly, or yearly. I know there are cats in here logging 150 a week, but don't get intimidated by their numbers. They're experienced riders and we appreciate the pearls of wisdom they drop on us regularly from their years of experience and accumulated knowledge. It's not a competition. It's all about having fun and getting exercise. Get those miles at your own pace and leisure. Hopefully, we can all motivate each other as much as you all have been a motivation for me."

As busy as my social media is I have never really caught on to groups but for the first time the sense of community and motivation is something that screamed out at me and I really saw the power of a Facebook group.

Being a part of the 150mile club you see members hitting their daily miles, sharing their routes, pictures of their journeys it really is fun and encouraging!

So as a corrective exercise specialist, personal trainer and now a very proud member of the 150mile club, I wanted to share a powerful stretching routine that will really help with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and warm-up of all the major muscles used when biking!

Check this post for the routine and I look forward to sharing my social biking journey with you all.

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