MindState Ft His Bitter Truth - What In The World - Official Video

In a time of such strain and darkness, OPOM is proud and honoured to present to you this anthem of empowerment, love and light.

Presenting Mindstate Ft His Bitter Truth - What In The World?

Our long time OPOM friend, DJ and family Sy Sez has given us his latest gifted under his collaborative guise Mind State. A trio of himself, Barrie Hayes (on keyboards) & production partner Dani Da Cunha.

The song is written and performed by His Bitter Truth. Inspired by the stress, loss, hurt and confusion that we are all feeling as one. Mindstate and His Bitter Truth pushed through all their personal strains in this time to produce and write this anthem for all of us during this lockdown period. A socially distant creation using remote methods, ‘What in the World’ is a track to the people, for the people from the people.

A Positive message to uplift us, which we hope can resonate with the world and even just for a minute help you forget your troubles fill your heart with a little hope & love... AND make you dance!

Get your copy exclusively on https://www.traxsource.com/title/1356380/what-in-the-world and visit www.ourpeopleourmusic.com for more information about Mindstate and His Bitter Truth.

Track Written by: Raffaele Crolla, Simon McGuinness, Handel Barrimore Hayes, Daniel Da Cunha Rego

Song Lyrics written & performed by: Raffaele Crolla

Backing Vocals: Cleveland Jones & Liz Nightingale

Vocal Production: Raffaele Crolla & Sy Sez

Fender Rhodes & Synths by: Barrie Hayes

Horns by: Paul Spong