We are extremely excited to announce our new collaboration & partnership with Triple Meals!

For all of our personal training clients we now have the ultimate solution if you are struggling to hit your nutritional goals and numbers!

Here is a word from my friends at Triple Meals to let you know who they are and what we are offering!

"TripleMeals is a family-friendly, user focused meal prep company based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. We prepare & deliver fresh meals, straight to your home or office, tailored to your needs & requirements. We've helped many local people just like you to lose weight, get stronger and feel better about themselves, by getting their diet under control through one of our meal plans.  Our delicious, hearty and diverse meals save you tons of time from having to cook, serious stress from worrying about macros and meal plans, and so much money from eating out. We deal with all that for you, leaving you to focus on what matters most: enjoying your fitness & wellbeing.  As one of OPOM's clients, you're entitled to a fixed discount of 10% off anything you order from us, as long as you remain a client with Paris & OPOM.  Finally, well done for working with the best personal trainer to get you into shape. Now let us handle the nutrition side for you, and be at peace, knowing you're well on your way to the best shape of your life!"

So simply use the code PARIS as long as you are working with us and our personal training programmes and all your nutritional will get delivered straight to your door!!

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