OPOM SOTD: The Streets Ft Donae'O & Greentea Peng - I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him

At OPOM you will know we love crossing genres. With our roots crossing between electronic music / Jazz and Urban. This collaboration is a match made in heaven.

The queen of urban indie Greentea Peng who you may know from her highly viewed "Colors Show". She has come through with her distinctive jazz tones alongside the signature sound of the funky overlord Donae'O to feature on the critically acclaimed and award-winning group The Streets (Mike Skinner).

Who doesn't need a great dose of funky on a Thursday?! Check out the socially distanced music video below. We really enjoyed the level of creativity with some extreme Zoom Backdropping. We love it and this is our #songoftheday today.

P.S: Could this be the start of a new mainstream resurgence of funky?!

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