⛅️ Clarity through the cloud of anxiety.

🙋🏻‍♀️Who can relate?

🌫 Recently I have been practising the steps to clear the fog and cloudiness that overpowers life when suffering with anxiety.

☀️A symptom of this infliction can be workaholism : working constantly and constantly working.

🧑‍💻Some may refer to those with this symptom as suffering from high functioning anxiety.

🤷‍♀️ What’s wrong with working hard??? Nothing at all but let’s look at what it looks like when you work hard and suffer with anxiety.


😔 When HFA sufferers are working they are doing this because to them they believe this is the best way to alleviate failure and making sure everything works out.

☯️ Part of the work is understanding that things going wrong is a way of life. There are elements out of our control and sometimes there is simply nothing we can do to prevent the circle of life.

🦁 So rather than try and outwork every outcome.. take a seat back and understand as long as you are working it’s always working.

⏳There is a saying that time is the greatest healer.

🕊Take a breath, mediate, manifest and as you go through each day. Make sure you never give up because you are great.. what you are doing is great and great things take time.

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