Congratulations and Welcome

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

In one fell swoop,

Not only did we welcome CJ Cooper to the world of producers at OPOM but on release of the record, he managed to take a place in every chart and feature possible.

Sharing the same name as his weekly Mi House radio show " Release The Pressure" was a wonderful creation filled with sunshine and jazz-infused vibes.

OPOM has had the pleasure of featuring CJ on their 2019 summer stage at Baldock Town's annual Balstock Festival.

The moment he submitted the record for signing the A&R team were extremely excited to push this proud and authentic person and talent. With a heart as big as his stature and DJ ability to match his presence it was no surprise of the success that was about to rain down.

At OPOM Records we focus on keeping everything as in house as possible, so welcoming one of our fresh talents to the ingredients of this record. On the mix and master of this song we brought on our talented AJ Gonis and he went to work to give this beautiful record the finishing touch and in no time we were ready to RELEASE THE PRESSURE.


1)TRAXSOURCE - May 8th Weekend Weapons (Position 29)

2)TRAXSOURCE - May 11th Hype Chart (Position 53)

3)TRAXSOURCE - May 11th Essential Soulful (Position 8)

Having front page features left, right and centre. We are so proud of CJ's amazing achievement and to welcome him to the family with such a bang.